Fireproof Study Pack 3


Discovery sizes of our original whole bean bag line-up:

Titan Blend

Triton Blend

Titania Blend

Study Pack purchases will receive a 20% coupon code for a full size whole bean coffee bag (e-mailed shortly upon purchase).

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Thomas Keefe

This coffee is fantastic. I got the study pack so I could try an array of blends. All three were delicious, and enough in each bag for 3 shots of espresso if you’re pulling shots. Love the coffee, love the branding, this stuff is FIRE(proof).

sam sel
Great samples for one mug of coffee

Each sample had enough for about one solid mug of coffee (400 grams for me). Really tasty blends, and the Titan was my favorite. The tasting notes are so on point. Can't wait to get a big can of it. I wish more coffee places had sample packs like this.

Chris T.
Perfect sample pack

I love the quality look and design of the sample packs. Each variety comes in it's own small resealable bag if you don't plan to grind it all at once. So far I have tried the Titania Blend and I have been loving it. Can't wait to try the other 2 blends soon!

Golden goodness.

All three are great, but my favorite is the Triton.

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